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    Wire Transfer Instructions

Please wire funds to:

Bank: JP Morgan Chase 
1111 Polaris Pkwy Columbus, OH 43240 
ABA Number: 021 000 021 
Swift Number: CHASUS33 
Account Name: Gain Capital Group, LLC Customer Segregated Funds 
Account Number: 646862821 
For further credit to: {Account Name} Futures Account Number:
 {If assigned, otherwise use "Pending New Account"} 
Note: Incoming wires in US$ must be received by 1500 EST, for same day deposit. 
Please email or call with dollar amount wired and time and date sent.


LaSalle Futures Group
141 W. Jackson Boulevard  Suite 2838
Chicago, IL 60604

If you have any questions about opening an account, please contact us:
TOLL FREE: 888.325.9300
LOCAL: 312.435.9000
FAX: 312.803.0767

Thank you.

Futures and options trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Option selling involves unlimited risk of loss.
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