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    Wire Transfer Instructions


Send All US$ Wires to:


JP Morgan Chase
1111 Polaris Pkwy
Columbus, OH 43240

ABA Number:

021 000 021

Swift Number:


Account Name:

Gain Capital Group, LLC Customer Segregated Funds

Account Number:


For further credit to:

{Account Name}

Futures Account Number:

{If assigned, otherwise use "Pending New Account"}


Incoming wires in US$ must be received by 1500 EST, for same day deposit.

If you have any questions about opening an account, please contact us:

TOLL FREE: 888.325.9300
LOCAL: 312.435.9000
FAX: 312.803.0767

Thank you.

Futures and options trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Option selling involves unlimited risk of loss.
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